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We appreciate the opportunity to share with you more information about our practice  philosophies and the vision we have for CVRC. We are fortunate to have a cohesive, dedicated, and experienced management team to communicate to our staff the necessary elements that comprise great patient care, and exceptional client service.  Our clients are both the pet owners, and you. Our goal is to exceed your expectations when it comes to client service, and become a valuable and trusted resource for your practice.

As veterinarians, we are fortunate to be in a profession that allows us to fulfill so many important aspects of a meaningful career.  We have opportunities to associate with brilliant colleagues.  We have opportunities to learn and improve ourselves professionally.  We have opportunities to touch the hearts of pet owners in extraordinary and meaningful ways.  Most profoundly, we have evolved and have been given more and more opportunities to help sick and injured animals.

Over the last decade, our profession has changed dramatically.  The demand by pet owners for services and care that used to reside solely in universities has exploded.  Our ability as a profession to keep up with that demand is in fact, still in short supply.

Along with all of these opportunities and desires of pet owners for specialization comes a deep responsibility for the specialty center. We must be committed to educating both pet owners and veterinarians of what possibilities actually exist. Having witnessed over and over the extraordinary results due to the hard work, dedication and expertise of both doctors and technicians in these type of settings, it is imperative that we share and celebrate those successes with clients and referral veterinarians alike.  It is also imperative that we, as a referral center, become not only a center of healing, but a center of continuing education.

Finally, we believe great communication with both the referral base and pet owners is critical.  The nature of what we do often involves significant emotion as well as a significant financial impact to clients.  It is only through thoughtful, timely, consistent, and clear communication that we can allow pet owners and referral veterinarians alike to feel the true value in what we do.  It is imperative that we be perceived as an extension of your practice.

Charleston Veterinary Referral Center will strive to accomplish all of these ideals.  We are fortunate to have attracted an extraordinary and talented staff of doctors and licensed veterinary technicians.  Both management and doctors will be available and accessible.  I believe the service we provide, and our hospitality expresses how we feel about pets, pet owners and referring veterinarians. Both patient care and client care will be our top priorities.

We are grateful to be in a place as beautiful as Charleston and are committed to creating a veterinary center of excellence this community will be proud of.  Our goal is to have your clients thank you for referring them to us.  We look forward to gaining your trust and confidence, and building lasting relationships.

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