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Charleston Veterinary Referral Center Awarded Level I Certification as Emergency and Critical Care Facility.


June 25, 2014



Charleston, SC — The Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society (VECCS) has awarded its highest certification to West Ashley’s Charleston Veterinary Referral Center, making it one of only six Level I Certified Veterinary Hospitals in the nation and the only facility in the Southeast to attain this designation.


David B. Sachs, Emergency Veterinarian and Medical Director of Charleston Veterinary Referral Center, who received the certification last week, said its purpose is “to recognize those hospitals that meet the extremely high standards and guidelines published by VECCS with goals of raising the standard of veterinary care while also increasing public and professional awareness of emergency and critical care providers.”


Chief of Critical Care Kristin Welch, DVM, DACVECC, explained that the certification program identifies three levels (I through III) based on operating hours, equipment and personnel. “A Level I emergency and critical care facility must have the resources and specialty training necessary to provide sophisticated emergent and critical care using the attendant technologies. Second, it must be open to receive small animal emergency patients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Finally, a Level I facility must have a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care on staff full-time and available for consultation 24/7.”


Dr. Welch added that “We are one of an elite group that includes the world-renowned Matthew J. Ryan Veterinary Hospital at the University of Pennsylvania. We’ve worked very hard to find the specialists from all over the country needed to put this all together. Pet owners and their vets can have confidence in the training, experience and team approach we take in caring for the animals they bring us. They can benefit from all our skill sets.”


The Center’s 17 clinical staff members are designated according to their areas of expertise. Clinical services include cardiology, dentistry, emergency and critical care, diagnostic imaging, internal medicine, neurology, oncology, physical therapy, surgery, radiology and physical rehabilitation.


Opened in 2011 by Dr. Alan Green, Chief of Staff, and Dr. Sachs, the Charleston Veterinary Referral Center is located on Shelby Ray Court, just off Glenn McConnell Parkway in West Ashley, and is the only veterinary facility between Savannah and Myrtle Beach that fulfills all the criteria set by the American Veterinary Medical Association and the Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society to be called an Emergency/Critical Care Center.


Dr. Sachs concluded, “Being a VECCS Level I certified facility means that this respected society considers us among “the best of the best” and enables us to offer a level of care and service unparalleled in the Southeast.”

CVRC’s Center for Orthopedic Surgery welcomes Jennifer Au, DVM, DACVS, CCRT

May 10, 2013

CVRC’s Center for Orthopedic Surgery is pleased to welcome Jennifer Au, DVM, DACVS, CCRT to the team.

Dr. Au joins us from her position as Assistant Professor of Small Animal Surgery (Orthopedics) and Director of the Veterinary Rehabilitation Service at The Ohio State University Veterinary Medical Center. A nationally and internationally recognized lecturer on orthopedic surgery, minimally invasive surgery (arthroscopy) as well as minimally invasive fracture repair and physical rehabilitation, Dr. Au and her team look to make CVRC a regional surgical and rehabilitation center of excellence.

Appointments are available beginning May 20th, 2013. Welcome Dr. Au!!!

jennifer au and pup

CVRC’s Department of Cardiology welcomes Peggy Sayer, DVM, DACVIM (Cardiology)

May 2, 2013

Charleston Veterinary Referral Center’s Department of Cardiology is pleased to announce the addition this week of Peggy Sayer DVM, Diplomate ACVIM (Cardiology). Appointments with Dr. Sayer are available as of May 8th, 2013. We are thrilled to have Dr. Sayer joining our team and hope you’ll think of CVRC when an appropriate cardiology case comes into your practice.

Dr. Sayer has been honored with multiple awards for service and teaching during her internship and residency. Her background includes research focused on the effect of the drug pimobendan on the renin angiotensin system.

A graduate of the University of Maryland, Dr. Sayer received her DVM from Virginia Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine in 2002. Her internship was completed at Animal Medical Center in New York City and in 2006 she finished her residency at North Carolina State University.

Sayer pic

CVRC’s Michelle Parks receives SC Veterinarian Technician of the Year

Congratulations to our Michelle Parks! She has been voted the 2012 South Carolina Association of Veterinarians Technician of the Year.

Michelle is known for her extraordinary way with clients, doctors and patients. With Bachelor’s degrees from both Cornell and Mercy College, Michelle has developed expertise in the areas of theriogenology, cardiology, internal medicine and ophthalmology. She will be presented with a plaque at the South Carolina State Meeting in Greenville on October 20th.

The Dose Makes the Poison

This article was recently published in the Island Connection by Kristin Welch, DVM, DACVECC

As we enjoy the summer months with our families, it is important to be aware of how to avoid some common pet related emergencies. Dr. Kristin Welch is a board certified Critical Care Specialist, and the Director of Emergency and Critical Care at Charleston Veterinary Referral Center in West Ashley. This is the first in a series of articles by Dr. Welch to educate our readers and keep our pet family members safer this summer.

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Warm temps increase risk of snake bites for dogs, cats

 This article recently appreared in the  Charleston Mercury written by Alan E. Green, DVM and Kristin Welch, DVM, DACVECC

Beware of snakes as warmer weather arrives in the Lowcountry. Our outdoor pets are vulnerable these days, and it’s not just hunting dogs that are in danger.

Dr. Kristin Welch, who helped with this article, is the head of Emergency and Critical Care at Charleston Veterinary Referral Center and the only board-certified critical-care specialist in South Carolina. She reminds us that of more than 120 species of snakes identified in the United States, 20 of them are venomous. Those that are poisonous in South Carolina include three species of rattlesnakes as well as cottonmouth water moccasins, copperheads and coral snakes.

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Dr. Welch warns about the top four summer pet emergencies

This article was recently published in the Examiner.

It is summertime fun for you and your pet but do you know the top four pet emergencies to beware of this time of year? The region’s only Board Certified Critical Care Veterinary Specialist, Dr. Kristin Welch of Charleston Veterinary Referral Center (CVRC) wants you to know them to be better prepared to keep pets safe this summer. Dr. Welch is the Director of Emergency and Critical Care at CVRC, and recently treated a young, beautiful German shepherd named Seelow. Seelow experienced two out of these four which required surgery to remove a kidney and part of his intestine. He also had treatment for a severe snake bite just weeks ago.

Here are the top four summer pet emergencies in our areas:
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Early Treatment Is Key to Tick-Borne Diseases – Charleston Mercury Article

The Lowcountry is a great place for dog ownership, especially as we have many opportunities to spend quality time with our canine companions outdoors. Unfortunately, the tick populations in the U.S. are increasing, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. As a result, we need to be more aware than ever of the serious diseases they carry and the ways to prevent them.  Click here to read full article.

Canine Cancer Charity – Article on DogChannel.com

Charleston Veterinary Referral Center sponsors a baseball game to benefit the Boo Radley Foundation.  Click here to read the full article.

CVRC Raises the Bar for Vet Tech Education

CVRC’s partnership with Trident Technical College’s vet tech program is highlighted in the latest issue of the Charleston Regional Business Journal. Click below to read the article.
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Coonhound Paralysis Danger Lurks – Article from Charleston Mercury Newspaper

Dr. Jason King, CVRC Neurologist discusses Coonhound Paralysis in the latest issue of the Charleston Mercury. Click below to view the article
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Gills of Health: Teeny-Tiny Patient Gets the Full Treatment – Post and Courier Article

To read the story about a small bass that underwent a CT scan at Charleston Veterinary Referral Center, click here

Charleston Veterinary Referral Center Wins National Design Award – Article on CharlestonCurrents.com

Veterinary Economics magazine has named Charleston Veterinary Referral Center  (CVRC) as winner of the 2012 Hospital Design Competition Award for best facility conversion, the center said.  Click here to read the full article.

West Ashley-Based Vet Referral Center Recognized for Design Excellence – West Of Newspaper

When you’re sitting at the vet’s office, the form and function of the interior architecture is probably not the first thing on you mind. But for those in the field, the way the space is designed is paramount. Last week, the Charleston Veterinary Referral Center (CVRC) was recognized by a prestigious industry magazine for the way the center takes up its space.  Click here to read the full article.

CVRC Wins Hospital Design Competition Award – Article in Low Country Dog Magazine

Charleston Veterinary Referral Center (CVRC) announced today that the Center has won the 2012 Hospital Design Competition Award for Best Facility Conversion from Veterinary Economics Magazine. An independent panel of judges evaluated hospitals from across the country on site plans, outpatient and inpatient areas, quality of interior finish materials, mechanical, plumbing, electrical and overall features.  Click here to read the full article.

Pet Cancer at the Charleston Veterinary Referral Center – Article on Examiner.com

Examiner.com talks about the Cancer Center at CVRC and the top myths when it comes to pet cancer.  Click here to read the full article.

What to do if an Eel Gets Ill – Post and Courier Article

CVRC gives a South Carolina Aquarium eel a CT scan to check for possible spinal injury.   Read the Post and Courier article by clicking here.

CVRC Partners with Trident Technical College – Veterinary Practice News Article

Partnerships Take Real-Life Learning to Students
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Charleston Veterinary Referral Center Grand Opening – Article on GreaterCharleston.com

If you missed the Grand Opening and ribbon cutting ceremony today at the new Charleston Veterinary Referral Center (CVRC) located in West Ashley, let me share with you what we saw and heard. At 10:30am Mayor Riley cut the blue ribbon to the entrance of this jaw-dropping facility headed by Founder and Chief of Staff, Dr. Alan E. Green and Medical Director, Dr. David Sachs. Read More >

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