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At Charleston Veterinary Referral Center, we are aware you have choices in specialty and emergency veterinary care. We believe the better informed you are about us, the clearer your choice of CVRC becomes.

The most important goals we have are excellent patient care and successful medical outcomes. In addition, we have a strong commitment to client service and great communication. It is essential that you and your family veterinarian are well informed of how your pet is doing while in the hospital. As pet owners ourselves, we understand that your pet is a family member. As such, the better informed and comforted you are, the less stressful your experience will be while your pet is hospitalized.

In selecting our doctors, we have looked for the very best and brightest in the profession. In addition to medical and surgical skills, we have put together a team of individuals that is in alignment with our practice philosophy.  Our doctors understand the need to heal, and as importantly, they understand the need to comfort as well.

As in human medicine, the people that have direct and frequent contact with our patients are our veterinary technicians (nursing staff).  In evaluating the quality of any veterinary facility, it is essential to understand the level of experience and training of the veterinary technicians. At CVRC, we are proud to say we have a uniquely talented and experienced licensed technical staff. It cannot be overstated how important these professionals are to your pets comfort and well being.

From a technology standpoint CVRC possesses the most sophisticated imaging, monitoring and laboratory instrumentation available. We are the only veterinary facility in South Carolina that has high field MRI on site. In addition, we have on site CT scan, digital radiology, and a complete in house laboratory. All of these technologies allow our doctors to obtain crucial information rapidly, improving our ability to diagnose and treat medical and surgical conditions and thus improving outcomes.

Finally, our physical facility has been designed by some of the most respected veterinary architects in the country. Within the design are various systems that improve patient care and medical outcomes. Our most severely injured or ill patients are located in a dedicated ICU containing highly sophisticated monitoring and support systems.  Our surgical department is meticulously planned to insure sterility and the very best chances of successful surgical outcomes. We have invested in state of the art air handling systems. Every few minutes air in the entire hospital is filtered and recirculated to decrease the likelihood of spreading contagious diseases.

Our commitment to excellence in veterinary care is unwavering. We are focused on returning these special family members to good health, and thank you for the trust you have placed in us.

Open for emergencies 24/7/365

3484 Shelby Ray Court • Charleston, SC • 29414 • Phone: 843.614.VETS(8387)