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Veterinary Specialty Medicine

Like human medicine, some veterinarians choose to specialize in one particular species, type of medicine or surgery.   There are currently 21 veterinary specialties recognized by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). Specialties range from anesthesiology to zoo medicine.

To become a veterinarian, an individual must first earn an undergraduate degree, followed by graduating from an accredited Veterinary University.  Both national and state board examinations must be passed to be able to practice veterinary medicine in the United States.

To become a veterinary specialist, a veterinarian must undergo additional extensive training (internship), clinical experience in the area of the chosen specialty (residency), publish a clinical case or research findings in journal articles and pass a credential review and specialty board examinations. Each specialty has their own requirements, and the length of time to attain the specialty certification varies from two to four years.

Veterinary specialist and referral practices do not usually provide basic care such as vaccinations, spays/neuters, or general wellness care.   Charleston Veterinary Referral Center operates in this manner allowing us to form a strong relationship with your family veterinarian.

If you are concerned about your pet’s diagnosis or care, please speak with your veterinarian about the possibility of a referral to a specialist.  Referrals are strongly encouraged but not required.

Charleston Veterinary Referral Center’s TEAM APPROACH

At CVRC, we are committed to a collaborative approach to treating our patients.  Our emergency clinicians work hand in hand with our specialists, always ensuring that your pet receives the highest quality medicine available.  Our specialists and emergency doctors are committed to communicating and working with your regular veterinarian to formulate appropriate diagnostic and treatment plans.

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