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When an owner and a patient enter our dental service, we always start with a thorough oral examination and complete physical exam.  Many times the patient has been referred to our service by their primary veterinarian for a specific oral problem.  We address this problem as well as any other issues that are a concern in the mouth.  We will have a discussion together on what is recommended for your special furry family member and the treatment options that are available.  We give all clients a detailed estimate of all recommended services before we perform any procedures.

In veterinary medicine, often our patients aren’t as cooperative as you or I at the dentist.  A much more detailed oral examination with dental radiographs (x-rays) is performed once the patient is anesthetized.  We know your pets, just like our own pets, are part of your family.  Our goal is to give the same care and attention to your pet as we would our own.  Here are some of the procedures that we offer with our veterinary dental services: Endontics, Exodontics, Jaw Fracture Repairs, Juvenile Dentistry, Oral Surgery, Orthodontics, Periodontics, Prosthodontics and Advanced Diagnostics.

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