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Dedicated Intensive Care Unit staffed 24-hours a day providing:

  • Oxygen support
  • Advanced fluid therapy
  • Continuous electrocardiogram (ECG), blood pressure (both indirect and direct arterial blood pressure) and oxygen saturation monitoring (arterial blood gas and non-invasive SpO2)

Pain Management

  • Combination of various medications to alleviate pain while maintaining patient vital parameters
  • Multi-modal approach to pain control

Critical care nutrition including feeding tubes and intravenous nutrition

  • Enteral nutrition (feeding directly into the GI tract) including nasoesophageal feeding tubes, esophageal feeding tubes, and gastrostomy tubes
  • Parenteral nutrition including total parenteral nutrition (TPN, complete IV nutrition) and partial parenteral nutrition (PPN, supplemental IV nutrition)

Transfusion medicine

  • Blood transfusions including packed red blood cells, fresh frozen plasma, cryoprecipicate, and fresh whole blood
  • Blood typing and cross matching services
  • Volunteer on-site blood donation program

Dialysis services for patients with acute kidney injury (acute renal failure)

  • Peritoneal dialysis
  • Hemodialysis, continuous renal replacement therapy (*Future offering at CVRC)

Mechanical ventilation

Trauma CT Scan

Emergency Care Overview

Board Certified Criticalists complete a 4-year training program after graduation from veterinary school.  This training begins with successful completion of a 1-year internship, followed by a rigorous 3-year residency in Emergency and Critical Care Medicine.  Board certification is awarded by the American College of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care (ACVECC) after successful completion of qualifying examinations and internship and residency.

Criticalists are proficient in blood transfusion medicine, mechanical ventilation, peritoneal dialysis and administration of both intravenous nutrition and enteral nutrition via feeding tubes.  Our focus and expertise is on stabilizing the most critical patients with conditions such as trauma (hit by car, bite wounds, etc), gastrointestinal disease (GDV or bloat, foreign body obstruction, infectious or inflammatory gastroenteritis, etc.), cardiovascular disease (heart failure, pulmonary hypertension, aortic thromboembolism, etc.), immune mediated disease (IMHA, ITP, immune mediated polyarthropathies, etc.), pulmonary disease (pneumonia, pulmonary thromboembolism, feline asthma, etc.), neurologic disease (seizures, brain tumors, head trauma, etc.), kidney disease (acute and chronic kidney failure, urethral obstruction, etc.).

Criticalists provide support to the other specialists in the hospital as well, and frequently consult on critical pre and post-operative, and hospitalized patients

843.614.VETS (8387)

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Open for emergencies 24/7/365

3484 Shelby Ray Court • Charleston, SC • 29414 • Phone: 843.614.VETS(8387)