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The concept of rehabilitation/physical therapy is not a new idea in human medicine.  People undergo physical rehabilitation for a variety of disorders but mostly to restore function, increase mobility, promote balance, decrease pain, encourage healing, facilitate circulation, and return to a normal lifestyle.  The same is true for your pet!  Rehabilitating your pet will do all of the above and is now the gold standard in veterinary care. 

Rehabilitation is a non-invasive approach used to improve the recovery of patients with both acute and chronic conditions.  Rehabilitation is most commonly used in patients undergoing orthopedic surgery or patients with neurologic conditions, but it can also be used for weight loss, conditioning of agility dogs, pain control, and wound management.    Here are some of the conditions in which rehabilitation is used in our companion animals today:

-Orthopedic injuries and repair such as cruciate disease
-Spinal cord injuries such as intervertebral disc disease
-Neurologic conditions such as degenerate diseases
-Trauma injuries 
-Chronic pain
-Wounds such as burns
-Increasing strength and maintaining the condition of working and agility dogs

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