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CVRC will be sponsoring the “Charleston Veterinary Referral Center supports the Boo Radley Foundation” Dog Day game night at the Charleston Riverdogs game the evening of June 10th. 3,000 baseball fans are welcome to bring their dogs to the park that night, learn more about the Boo Radley Foundation, meet CVRC staff and hopefully, donate to the foundation. Donations that come from the Charleston region stay in Charleston for the allocation and benefit of local pet owners. TICKETS CAN BE PURCHASED BY CLICKING HERE. Type in the password:   cvrc2012

Here is more about CVRC’s partnership with the Boo Radley Foundation


Charleston Veterinary Referral CENTER announces exclusive partnership with the boo radley foundation


Charleston, SC (April 2012) — Baseball great Gary Carter. Former Senator Ted Kennedy. Jazz Bandleader Buddy Rich. All these men died of glioblastoma, a particularly aggressive form of cancer. In support of research and trials in canines to find a cure for humans, the Charleston Veterinary Referral Center ( is proud to announce it is the exclusive local supporting partner with the esteemed Boo Radley Foundation ( The Boo Radley Foundation is a first-of-its-kind, tax-exempt organization established solely to support translational medical research into diseases common to canines and humans. While translational diseases are numerous, the Foundation’s primary emphasis is on malignant brain tumor research of glioma.


The partnership will be a critical community resource for pet owners whose dogs are diagnosed with glioma tumors and whose pets may be candidates to participate in clinical trials to find new treatments for the disease in both dogs and humans.


“When I was introduced to the Boo Radley Foundation and its founder, Ken Johnson, I was excited to be able to create a relationship that was meaningful,” says CVRC Chief of Staff Alan Green, DVM.. “Having personally lost a family member to glioblastoma, and understanding the valuable potential for ongoing research on this deadly form of cancer, I was motivated to have Charleston Veterinary Referral Center become a sponsor. “I am confident and optimistic that our combined efforts will contribute to the improvement of survival, if not cure, of this terrible disease. CVRC continues to be committed to finding ways to contribute to our community, and both veterinary and human medicine.”


Specifically, the foundation and support from Charleston Veterinary Referral Center will assist by:


  • Counseling dog owners whose dogs have been diagnosed with brain tumors as to their options regarding clinical trial opportunities for their pets
  • Defraying the costs of initial neurological diagnostic screening for promising candidates whose owners lack the financial resources to do so unilaterally
  • Actively recruiting potential trial subjects from the most at-risk breeds
  • Paying for transportation to and from clinical trial locations, as well as lodging and meals at the sites for dog owners whose dogs are enrolled in clinical trials
  • Providing direct financial support to clinical trials
  • Conducting outreach to local veterinarians in general, as well as specialty practices to inform them of the various clinical trial options for their clients



Boo Radley was a seven- year-old black Labrador Retriever who was diagnosed with an aggressive glioma in the late fall of 2009. Beginning in January 2010, and ending in August of 2010, Boo traveled more than 12,000 miles to be treated in three separate brain tumor clinical trials earning him a unique place in both veterinary and human medical history. His contribution helped two of the canine trials transition to human trials.

About Charleston Veterinary Referral Center:

Charleston Veterinary Referral Center (CVRC) is a specialty referral, emergency & critical care veterinary hospital which opened in March, 2011. The Center offers a cohesive team of veterinary professionals and staff that are dedicated to practicing the highest caliber of medicine and surgery available. CVRC believes that great care and service are intertwined. With a commitment to respect the integrity of the referral relationship with primary care veterinarians, doctors and staff at CVRC work tirelessly toward the goal of great communication. More information can be found at or find us on Facebook at

About The Boo Radley Foundation: The Boo Radley Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation established to benefit humans and canines through funding canine brain cancer research and clinical trials. The Foundation also provides assistance to pet owners whose dogs have been diagnosed with brain cancer and are participating in a clinical trial. Historically, malignant brain tumors have been resistant to treatment and among the most lethal forms of cancer in both humans and dogs. A little more than a decade ago, medical researchers determined that dogs develop the same types of malignant cranial tumors found in humans, which in turn led to dogs serving as pre-clinical models for new brain cancer treatments prior to human testing. The result has proven beneficial to both humans and dogs.

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