Monty Weeks – MIS fx repair

Monty is a 5mo M/I yellow lab puppy that was accidentally stepped on by the owner. After the accident he refused to use the left front leg and was painful when the elbow was touched. Monty was initially taken to his regular veterinarian who performed radiographs and diagnosed a fracture of the left elbow, a lateral humeral condylar fracture. This type of fracture is common in young animals or ones that fall, typically, from the owner’s arms. Monty’s owner was referred to Charleston Veterinary Referral Center for surgery. Typically this type of fracture is treated with an open surgical approach meaning the elbow joint is surgically opened to allow visualization of the fracture and repair with placement of a surgical screw and wire. AT CVRC we have the equipment and surgical experience to perform the surgery with a minimally invasive approach with the aid of intraoperative fluoroscopy or ‘C-arm’. The advantages of minimally invasive fracture repair include decreased risk of infection, increased healing times, and less tissue disruption or trauma. Monty’s fracture was repaired through a 1cm incision.