By Alan Green and Krista DeRespino

It is hard to believe the holidays are upon us. We hope this year has been a good one for your families and your pets. On behalf of the entire staff at CVRC, we wish you a very happy and healthy holiday season. Dr. Krista DeRespino gives us some advice on making sure your pets stay happy and healthy during the holidays.

By Krista DeRespino, DVM

The holidays are a wonderful time of family and friends coming together, and often family pets make the trip with us. Just like these times can be a bit stressful for us, they can be stressful for our pets as well. Some common ailments that bring dogs and cats to the ER around the holidays are injuries that result from fighting between normally docile pets, stomach upset from food changes, and stress-related urinary problems in cats. Knowing the warning signs and how to prevent these problems can help everyone get through the holidays happier and safer.

By Alan Green and Lisa Olsen

Emergencies can come in any form. Here in the Lowcountry, with the recent visit of Hurricane Matthew, we are reminded that these emergencies affect not only us, but also our family members both two legged and four legged. Here are some simple steps you can take to ensure that all members of the family remain safe the next time Mother Nature strikes.

Prepare emergency and travel supplies

By Jennifer Howse

Just when you might have thought you’d heard it all, we are pleased to have this month’s contributor, Dr. Jennifer Howse, alert us to a syndrome that is prevalent in our hunting breeds. Dr. Howse is a member of CVRC’s highly respected Emergency and Critical Care Department.

By Alan Green and Samantha Nelson

Most of us are familiar with anesthesia either from personal experience or the experience of a friend or loved one. This month’s guest contributor, Dr. Samantha Nelson, is one of CVRCs board-certified surgical specialists. Dr. Nelson does an excellent job of explaining the important highlights of the anesthetic protocol and what you need to be aware of when faced with putting your pet under general anesthesia.

By Alan Green and Lisa Olsen

There are times when even the most prepared of pet owners are faced with serious and sometimes life-threatening situations. Unfortunately, house fires are one of these situations. I am pleased to re-introduce Dr. Lisa Olsen, one of CVRC’s Board Certified Emergency and Critical Care specialists. It should be noted that CVRC has the only two board certified Emergency and Critical Care Specialists in the state of South Carolina and is one of an elite group of Level 1 Critical Care facilities in the United States.

By Alan Green and Jessica Schavone

It’s going to stay might hot during the next couple of months. During summer activities, it is important to realize that the extreme heat in the Lowcountry can be dangerous to some pets. This month Jessica Schavone, our outreach coordinator, provides a quick overview of summer safety for dogs.

Most pet owners are aware that dogs should never be confined to areas without shade or climate control during the heat of the Lowcountry summer. Many cities have laws against leaving dogs confined to boats or cars unattended. The heat, however, poses some additional hidden dangers to pets. Being familiar with them could make this a happier, safer summer for every member of the family.


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