Kristi Martin, LVT, CBST


Kristi received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology, with an emphasis on non-human primates, from Kent State University. Upon graduating, she worked in the zoological field for over 12 years as a keeper, veterinary technician, and animal curator. This is where she first discovered her love of animal behavior and learned how to train animals for basic husbandry and veterinary procedures.

In 2011, she graduated from the Vet Tech Institute with an Associates Degree in Specialized Technology. That same year she also graduated from the Companion Animal Science Institute with a Diploma in Canine Behavior. Since then, she has participated in a number of courses and classes including Dr. Susan Friedman’s Living and Learning with Animals and Principles of Behavior Consulting with the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants. She has also taken the time to become Fear Free Certified. Kristi has been leading her own animal behavior consulting business since 2008.

Kristi has worked at CVRC since 2015 in the Emergency, Internal Medicine and Cardiology departments.

In her spare time, Kristi enjoys bird watching, painting, and taking long walks with her four dogs - Ghost, Merle, Seamus, and Herriot.