Welcome to the most advanced specialty and emergency
 small animal hospital in the Southeast.

Welcome to Charleston Veterinary Referral Center. We are the most advanced and comprehensive specialty
 and emergency referral practice in the Southeastern U.S., having attained Level I Certification from the
prestigious Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society (VECCS), and making it one of 
a select few Level I Certified Veterinary Hospitals in the nation.

Our patients are primarily injured and ill dogs and cats. We appreciate appointments to our specialists 
by referral from your veterinarian and are open and staffed for emergencies 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Doctors and veterinary nurses are always present. Pets are never left alone. While your pets are in our care, we
treat them as beloved members of your family. Our goal is to provide you with a veterinary hospital that
delivers extraordinary specialty and urgent care, along with exceptional client service.

Please take time to explore this website and learn about our highly-trained specialists,
emergency clinicians and nursing staff. We are eager for you to experience our services and
state-of-science facility firsthand, when and if your pets ever need us.

What clients have to say about Charleston Veterinary Referral Center

Animal "Tails"


Thank you so much for your assistance with Jill.  She was 19 years old and her time had come. Everyone’s compassion so helpful during this difficult time.


Larry M.

Dr. Gauthier -

Our experience with CVRC was an exceptional one at that. The associates were so pleasant and welcoming. We traveled from Little River, SC and our nerves were shot by the time we arrived. The staff was so understanding and professional, as soon as we arrived we were put right into a room. The tech that assisted us was very compassionate and thorough. When Dr. Chris came in we were treated with the most understa... Read more

Toni M.

Dr. Maston -

I had to bring our dog Sparky in on a Friday morning at like 5 am.

Everyone was so nice and made me feel at ease. They asked if I needed anything and kept me in the loop with our fur baby the whole time! Sparky was well taken care off, I would recommend anyone who needs emergency care to take their pet here!



Dr. Maston -

I can't thank Dr. Laura Maston enough for her compassion and understanding in helping us decide on euthanizing our 11 year old pug.  Boudreaux has been with our family since he was 6 weeks old - my children were two and four years old when we got him, so he is part of our family.  He has been slowing down over the past few months, which I attributed to old age, but this weekend he seemed to just hit a wall.  He... Read more

The Witherspoon Family

Dr. Crook -

I did animal rescue for years, and have been to countless veterinary clinics. By this time, I know quality and results when I see it.

The Charleston Veterinary Referral Center is absolutely top notch. I took my best buddy, Mr. Pebbles, there for diagnosis of a neurological problem and he subsequently had spinal surgery. Of course, this is not an inexpensive exercise, nor did I expect it to be. However, thi... Read more

Deborah & Mr. Pebbles

Dear Dr. Rissetto,

I want to start with a big warm thank-you..You are incredible..What a tremendous asset you are to your team and facility..

Thank-you so very much for your wonderful patience with me and helping me decide on surgery for Abbey..It saved her life and I am so grateful..

Sorry it has taken so long to write..I will recommend you and Charleston Veterinary Referral Center to everyone...I can not name... Read more

Jeff & Abbey

Dear Dr. Rissetto, Suzanne, Sadie & CVRC:

For a year and a half we fought a valiant battle to keep Put as I called her most with us. Unfortunately she lost the battle recently. The card I received from the staff with the love and messages showed just how invested they were in her as I was. She touched theirs hearts and lives just as she touched mine with her tenacious attitude. She was just that kind of cat. I can not th... Read more

Louann & Lilly

Dear Dr. Rissetto & CVRC:

Just a update on Bootsie.  I don't think we ever mentioned that Boots loves to be brushed.  She will sit and make sure you hit every spot.  Well needless to say she hasn't wanted to be brushed for almost 3 months now.  Starting on Wednesday she has been getting us to brush her at least 2 times a day.

Another milestone she has accomplished this week is the cat pole that we bought her.  It... Read more


Dear CVRC:

Going to the vet with a sick animal can be overwhelming and expensive. Dr. Graham did a wonderful job explaining everything to me, and why each test was necessary and what the cost was. I never felt rushed in our appointments and I was updated promptly every step of the way. The staff were all very nice and I can tell they care about each animal that comes through the door.

Sincerely, ... Read more

Mallory & Tasha

Erin & Jordan

Dear CVRC:

Remington came into CVRC on deaths door. He was in ICU for 10 days!

He had 3 surgeries, 14 transfusions, and probably every other thing they offer. He was bleeding from his intestines due to too many steroids given for fast heart worm kill treatment and he still had hookworms that were eating through his intestines causing the bleeding. No one could figure out the problem. But CVRC did! They answered all of... Read more


Dear CVRC:

We are very pleased with the exceptional level of care that Wally received while at your facility. My husband and I could not be more elated with the love and attention that was given to him throughout his multiple stays. You have some of the kindest and most compassionate veterinarians that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. We could not be more appreciative of all the doctors and technicians that tended to... Read more

Renee & Matthew

Dr. Welch and staff -

We  took Toby our 4 year old Bulldog mix to our vet in December of 2013 for his annual checkup/vaccinations with that we also had full blood work drawn up on Toby. He had always had great checkups in the past so we were not worried about this particular exam. Two days later the doctor called and said his kidney levels were a little high and they wanted to run more blood work to make sure there was nothi... Read more

Connie & Bob

Dr. Welch and staff - 

After running several tests, Daisy was diagnosed with IMHA, Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia.  Dr. Welch, Chelsea and the CVRC staff delivered superior care to Daisy while providing thorough education to me and my family during this difficult and emotional time.  We can not express how thankful and grateful we are to have Dr. Welch and her staff available to us in Charleston. They are truly a blessing!... Read more


We are so grateful for the care we received at Charleston Veterinary Referral Center. Our dog Henry was very sick for over a month with too many complications to name, so we met most of the staff. We were always treated very kindly and were always impressed with the staff. Though we are grateful for all of Henry's doctors and techs, we had a special connection with Dr. Graham and Dr. Au. Dr. Graham really "got" Henry and I know she... Read more


Dr. Rissetto and staff,

What can I say but so many, many thank yous to you and your staff. You are one of the kindest most compassionate people I have ever met. I have never seen you without a smile on your face even though I know you deal with happy results as with Brandy but not so happy in others.

When Brandy was diagnosed we were to go to another place. My daughter told Melissa and she immediately said go to Dr Ri... Read more

Much love, Susan and Brandy

Thank you Dr. Heather Graham and the wonderful staff at Charleston Veterinary Referral Center. Our two year old Welsh Terrier started with gastrointestinal problem at age two. He continued to decline and after seeing six veterinarians from Pennsylvania to South Carolina with no solution, we were referred to Dr. Heather Graham. We have never met a more caring and special veterinarian. She immediately ordered the test she felt necess... Read more

Love and Licks, Karen, Skip, and “BUDDIE”