Wall of heroes

Blood Bank

Pets can require life-saving blood transfusions for many of the same reasons humans do such as injuries, surgeries, or when diseases cause the body to destroy its own blood cells. The CVRC Blood Bank relies on dog and cat donors and their owners to help us provide this invaluable resource.

The number of cats and dogs in need of blood transfusions has grown as the pet population continues to increase. With the help of our donors, we would like to meet this ever-increasing demand to help save the community’s critically ill and injured pet population.

Currently, our blood donation supply is for CVRC patients only; blood products are not for sale to other veterinary hospitals.

Your pet’s donation is a gift of life. Will you allow your pet to help?

Benefits of Being a Blood Donor

  • An annual physical exam by a licensed veterinarian
  • Annual blood work, at no cost to the pet owner, and results shared with your family veterinarian
    • Complete blood cell count
    • Blood chemistries
    • Infectious disease screening
    • Blood typing
  • Generous discount on future emergency and specialty care
  • Branded treat bag filled with pet-friendly toys and treats
  • A 'furever' photo on our wall of heroes
  • Complimentary food/treats from Hill’s Pet Nutrition
  • Complimentary eye exam from Charleston Animal Eye Specialists
  • Loving attention with each donation
  • The pride that comes in knowing that your pet is helping to save the lives of other pets with each donation

Eligibility Requirements

To become a blood donor, a pet must be:

  • Healthy with no existing medical conditions
  • 1-7 years of age
  • Up to date on vaccines, flea/tick prevention (dogs & cats) and heartworm (dogs only)
  • Not on any long-term medications
  • Agreeable temperament
  • No history of prior blood transfusions
  • Indoor-only (cats)
  • Dogs: Greater than 50 lbs/22.7 kgs and a lean body weight
  • Cats: Greater than 9 lbs/4 kgs and a lean body weight

Donation Commitment

Due to the high cost of screening each prospective donor, owners are asked to commit their pets to at least four donations in a 12-month time period.

Health Screening Appointments

If your pet meets the eligibility requirements, contact us at (843) 614-8387 or [email protected] to set up a health screening appointment. Please have your pet’s medical records available when you call.

During the health screening, we will obtain a small amount of blood from your pet. Once we determine that your pet is an eligible donor, we will contact you to set up the first donation appointment.