Clinical Pharmacy

CVRC is pleased to offer a unique service to our clients and patients that is rarely found in veterinary private practice.

In June 2022, we welcomed a clinically-trained veterinary pharmacist to our medical team.

Unlike our emergency team and specialists who interact directly with you and your pet, our clinical pharmacist collaborates behind the scenes:

  • Reviewing patient drug profiles
  • Identifying symptoms that may be adverse effects of drugs
  • Assisting in drug therapy choices based on a patient’s health including renal function and hepatic function, as well as factoring in adverse effects, cost, and efficacy
  • Providing advice on medication overdoses or toxic chemical ingestions
  • Formulating an alternative compounded product when therapeutic options are limited
  • Serving as a liaison between pet owners and veterinarians concerning drug-related questions
  • Providing therapeutic clinical consultative services to veterinarians 

This progressive, cutting-edge addition will help further increase the exceptional standard of care you have come to expect at CVRC, as well as the positive outcomes and responses to medical therapy.

This service is only available for patients under our care. It does not make us a retail pharmacy for the general public.

There are currently only 44 board-certified veterinary pharmacists, in the United States and internationally, signified as Diplomate of the International College of Veterinary Pharmacy (DICVP), that have met credentialing requirements and passed a 5-part examination to demonstrate competency in veterinary pharmacotherapy. Although veterinary pharmacists provide care to a number of species, including companion animals, equine, exotic animals, and food animal species, there are currently no board-certifications for specific species thus, DICVP candidates are expected to be knowledgeable in treating all veterinary patients.