This is Cole.  As you can tell by his pictures he received so much love while he was at CVRC!  Cole was on a leash with his mom, while out for a nice bike ride one morning, when he got hit by a car.  Cole suffered a luxation (dislocation) in one of his elbows and one of his hips. He also had multiple abrasions and was in shock when he presented to the emergency department at CVRC.  The emergency department doctors treated Cole’s immediate injuries and were able to stabilize him to allow for our surgery department to address his orthopedic injuries. Dr. Jennifer Au, CVRC’s surgeon, was able to reduce his elbow (put back into appropriate position) and apply a splint to make sure it stayed that way. His hip, however, was not as easy to fix. Cole's hip had to be surgically repaired by Dr. Au.  She reduced it and used an implant to hold it correctly in position.  Cole was a trooper through the whole ordeal and we quickly fell in love with him. His mom decorated his cage with photos of all of his friends who were waiting for him to get better! Three days after the accident he got to go home and two months later he was meeting up with his buddies at the dog park. No one expects their dog to get hit by a car while under direct supervision, but unfortunately accidents happen.  Cole’s quick thinking mom got him to CVRC in time to allow him to make a full recovery!