We've Never Stopped Caring for Pets


Thursday, July 22, 2021 - 11:45


Number of Days CVRC Closed During COVID or During Bad Weather: 0

Number of Dedicated CVRC Employees Needed to Remain Open 24/7 and Care for Your Pet: 130


Compassion Goes Both Ways

We hear your frustrations and want to share some of what goes on behind the scenes.

What You See

  • Long Wait Times
  • Long Telephone On Hold Times

Behind the Scenes

  • There is a nationwide shortage of trained/qualified veterinary team members. Although this shortage is affecting CVRC as well, we are fortunate to have an amazing team taking care of your pet.
  • Tremendous, and at times overwhelming, increase in demand at family veterinarians and emergency facilities. CVRC employees are working harder than ever to care for your pets.
  • Our team is experiencing:
    • Long and extra shifts in order to be available when you need us.
    • Lengthy phone conversations with family members to properly explain medical options and help guide difficult decisions.
    • Minimal meal and restroom breaks because we choose to care for your pet instead of ourselves.
    • Exhaustion and tears because we are trying to help every pet while experiencing frustration and lack of kindness from some pet owners.


Please be kind, show respect, have patience.

We are all compassionate animal lovers doing everything we can to take care of your pet.