Why Choose Us?

We realize that you have choices for emergency and specialty pet care. We believe that the more you know about us, the clearer your choice of CVRC will become. Here are some of the things you can expect from us:

Excellent patient care and successful medical outcomes.

Great communication, to keep you and your family veterinarian apprised of progress. We understand that your pet is a member of the family, and the more informed and comforted you are, the less stressful your experience will be.

CVRC has sought out the best and brightest emergency and board certified specialists in our profession. Beyond medical and surgical skills, we have put together a team that shares the same practice philosophy: Our doctors not only understand the need to heal; they also understand the value of compassion.

As in human medicine, those having the most frequent contact with patients are our technicians (veterinary nurses). When evaluating the quality of any veterinary facility, it is important to know the level of training and experience attained by its veterinary nurses. At CVRC, we are proud of the talents and experience of our licensed nursing staff. Some of our team members have obtained specialized certification in various medical disciplines. It cannot be overstated how essential these professionals are to your dog or cat’s comfort and well being.

CVRC employs the most sophisticated imaging, monitoring, laboratory and therapeutic instrumentation available. We have a high-field MRI on site and are one of very few centers in the U.S. offering electrochemotherapy for cancer treatment. Additionally, we have CT scan, digital radiology, fluoroscopy, a full service in-house laboratory, blood bank, pharmacy, and physical rehabilitation modalities including an underwater treadmill. These diverse technologies and facilities enable our doctors to obtain crucial information quickly, and heighten our ability to diagnose and treat medical and surgical conditions, thus improving outcomes.

Finally, the expansive interior of our facility has been designed by some of the most respected veterinary architects in America. Within its design are myriad systems that enhance patient care and medical outcomes. Every hospitalized patient is within eyesight of physicians and nursing staff. Our most severely injured or ill patients stay in a dedicated ICU containing highly sophisticated monitoring and support systems. The layout of our surgical suites is meticulously planned to ensure sterility, employing the best ergonomics and equipment to promote successful surgical outcomes. We have also invested in state-of-science air handling systems to minimize odor, dust and maintain cleanliness. Reception and private waiting areas are spacious and comfortably furnished for pet owners.

Our dedication to excellence in both patient outcomes and client experience is unwavering. We all focus on returning your special family members to good health, and we thank you for the trust you have placed in us.