Dear CVRC:

Remington came into CVRC on deaths door. He was in ICU for 10 days!

He had 3 surgeries, 14 transfusions, and probably every other thing they offer. He was bleeding from his intestines due to too many steroids given for fast heart worm kill treatment and he still had hookworms that were eating through his intestines causing the bleeding. No one could figure out the problem. But CVRC did! They answered all of my annoying phone calls and never sounded annoyed that I was calling up to 10 times a day. They were very honest with prognosis. I knew if he had a chance it was there. after his 5th day there when all hope was fading...CVRC changed the game and Remington started pulling through. He has been home for 5 days now....and not only do I have my big boy back...He is now acting like his normal self. They have even called to check on him several times since he has been home. They were so thrilled to see my baby pull through they acted as if he were their own.

Thank you CVRC for doing what no one else could do and loving and caring for my big boy like he were your own. I will be forever grateful for you for keeping our family together.