What is the Referring Veterinarian portal and how does it work?

The referring veterinarian portal is a way for you to access all the medical records for any patient/client that has listed you as their primary veterinarian. 

The portal is available by clicking on the referring veterinarians section of our website (www.charlestonvrc.com), or directly at http://refvetportal.charlestonvrc.com.  The navigation bar will show on the left side of the screen (once you log in) and will help you to navigate to your patients and their records.

Records are available in real time (as well as previous visit records) for all patients that you refer to CVRC for emergency or specialty care.

  • Click on ‘My Case List’ to display your patients’ visit records at CVRC.
  • Summary – Will show basic record information.
  • Forms – Will show referring letters, discharge instructions, patient disease information handouts (if applicable)
  • SOAPs – CVRC Doctor examinations.
  • Labwork – Antech Labwork
  • Lab Images – All other Labwork
  • Prescriptions – Prescriptions dispensed and instructions
  • Imaging – Digital Radiographs
  • History – Client and referring veterinarian communication
  • Preview/Export – View full record with ability to print and download.