Adorable Spike, the 10 pound Cavachoun  (named by a child of the house in hopes he would grow larger), presented to Dr. Jennifer Au and the CVRC surgical team after his owners noticed he was limping on his back leg.  Through physical examination and other tests, including arthroscopy, Spike was diagnosed with both a luxating patella and a partial tear of his cranial cruciate ligament.  Poor little fella!   He had surgical correction of both problems consisting of a procedure known as a tibial plateau leveling osteotomy, or TPLO for short,  and is now doing great!  You can see the surgical implants Dr. Au used in the pictures below.  Hope he isn’t planning on going through any airport medical detectors soon! He was also able to benefit post-operatively from CVRC’s Animal Rehabilitation and Fitness Department…..he LOVED his underwater treadmill sessions.  Spike is now doing great and is back to full activity!

View Spike in the Underwater Treadmill