Referring Veterinarians

We appreciate this opportunity to share with you our practice philosophies and vision for Charleston Veterinary Referral Center. We are fortunate to have a cohesive, dedicated and experienced management team to instill in our staff the necessary elements for exemplary patient care and client service. In every case we have two clients: you, our referring veterinarian and colleague, and of course the pet’s owner, who trusted your recommendation. Our goals are to exceed your expectations in clinical and client service and to become a valuable and trusted resource for your practice.

As veterinarians, we are fortunate to be in a calling that enables us to fulfill so many important aspects of a meaningful life and career. We can associate with brilliant colleagues. We have a myriad of opportunities to learn and improve ourselves professionally.  We can ease and touch the hearts of pet owners in extraordinary and memorable ways. Most profoundly, we can restore the health, stop the suffering and extend the lives of beloved sick and injured animals.

Over the last decade, our profession has evolved dramatically. The demand by pet owners for services and care that used to reside solely in universities has grown exponentially. Our capacity as a profession to keep up with that demand is still in short supply.

Along with these opportunities and desires of pet owners comes a prime responsibility for the specialty center: we must be committed to educating both pet owners and veterinarians about what possibilities exist. Having repeatedly witnessed the extraordinary outcomes that result from the dedication and expertise of doctors and technicians in these type of settings, it is essential that we share and celebrate those successes with referral veterinarians and pet owners alike.  It is also imperative that we, as a referral center, be not only a center of healing but also a center for continuing education.

Finally, we believe that great communication with the referring veterinarian and pet owner is crucial. The nature of what we do often creates deep emotion as well as financial impact. So it is through thoughtful, timely, clear and consistent communication with you that we can enable pet owners and referral vets alike to perceive the value of what we do, and to view us as an extension of your practice.

Charleston Veterinary Referral Center strives to achieve all of these ideals.  We have attracted an extraordinarily-schooled and talented staff of doctors and licensed veterinary technicians.  All of us are available and accessible to you.  We hope that the services we provide and the hospitality we extend will demonstrate how we feel about pets, pet owners and referring veterinarians.

We are grateful to be in Charleston and committed to being a veterinary specialty center of excellence you can count on. We seek to have your clients thank you for referring them here.  And we thank you for your confidence and trust.

How do I refer a case to CVRC?

Cases may be referred by phone (843) 614-8387, faxed referral form, web based chat referral directly through website, or via email ([email protected])

How can I obtain a copy of the referral form?

Use our web-based referral form to the right, or download a PDF version..

How can I request some information pamphlets about CVRC?

Please call or email ([email protected]) to request pamphlets.

Where can I read about your specialties and services?

Click here to view detailed information about our services.

Do I need to call before referring a case (elective or emergency) to CVRC?

Whenever possible it is best to call prior to referring an emergent case to CVRC so that our emergency doctor can be familiar with the case.  For electives, the referral form and associated records are usually sufficient, but our specialists would be happy to discuss the case with you prior to referral if you would like via phone or email.

How do I use web chat to refer a case?

Use the webchat popup or main menu navigation to live chat with our front staff during normal business hours.  They can facilitate any referrals or genereal questions you may have.

What can my clients expect at their visit to CVRC?

Our goal and desire is to ensure that each client has an excellent experience at CVRC.  We aim to treat your clients and patients with respect and compassion and communicate effectively with them AND you.  We want them to feel as if we are an extension of your practice.  

Can I contact one of your doctors via email directly to discuss a case? What is their email address?

Our doctors are available to you by email to discuss cases (including cases that may not be referred to CVRC).  If you DO NOT have our doctors direct email address, It is best to begin the process by emailing [email protected], and we will get your email to the requested doctor.  They will reply directly to you from there.  You can also request their email directly via phone or general email ([email protected]).  

Can you tell me how much a certain procedure or workup will cost prior to assessing the patient?

We are always happy to give a rough cost estimate for the treatment plan for a specific patient or procedure.  Please contact us at (843) 614-8387 to inquire, email us at [email protected] (for non-pressing questions), or use the contact us link.

How can I send records to CVRC?

Records may be faxed (843) 614-8722, emailed ([email protected]), or can be brought with the pet if they cannot be emailed or faxed prior to their visit.

How can I send diagnostic images (x-ray) to CVRC?

Images can be brought by the client on a disc or usb drive, emailed ([email protected]), or sent using a weblink (if you use a service like idexx or antech).  We can accept direct DICOM send of images as well.

Can I send DICOM images directly to CVRC?

We are setup to receive directly sent DICOM images.  You must be configured in your computer system to be able to send DICOM images.  Clinics using teleradiology solutions usually have this configured and can easily be programmed with our information.  We do request that you send a notification to [email protected] that you have sent DICOM files so that we are expecting them.  Please email [email protected] for the DICOM send details.

How do I access the Referring Veterinarian Portal?

Click on the portal link  to the right.

How do I request a portal account or recover a forgotten password?

Use this link to request portal access or to recover a forgotten password (enter that you have forgotten your password in the comments section of the form).  You may also [email protected] with your request or call our main number.

What is the Referring Veterinarian portal and how does it work?

The referring veterinarian portal is a way for you to access all the medical records for any patient/client that has listed you as their primary veterinarian. 

The portal is available by clicking on the referring veterinarians section of our website (, or directly at  The navigation bar will show on the left side of the screen (once you log in) and will help you to navigate to your patients and their records.

Records are available in real time (as well as previous visit records) for all patients that you refer to CVRC for emergency or specialty care.

  • Click on ‘My Case List’ to display your patients’ visit records at CVRC.
  • Summary – Will show basic record information.
  • Forms – Will show referring letters, discharge instructions, patient disease information handouts (if applicable)
  • SOAPs – CVRC Doctor examinations.
  • Labwork – Antech Labwork
  • Lab Images – All other Labwork
  • Prescriptions – Prescriptions dispensed and instructions
  • Imaging – Digital Radiographs
  • History – Client and referring veterinarian communication
  • Preview/Export – View full record with ability to print and download.


What should I expect in regards to communication from CVRC to me?

We believe that the best client and patient outcomes arise from effective collaboration and communication.  We will send you a referral letter (case summary/details) for every pet's visit to CVRC.  We will call to discuss new referrals with you, and are available via phone and email as needed.  Please let us know if you have any specific needs that we can try to accommodate.  If you ever need more information or explanation on one of your patients, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How can I receive records (referral letters) from CVRC?

Referral letters can be EITHER faxed or emailed to you.  The emailed file will always be in PDF format.  You can also access the same information within the Referring Veterinarian Portal.

How do I request a copy of diagnostic images from CVRC?

Radiographs can be accessed and downloaded from the portal.  We can also email you .jpg or DICOM files as well.  You can request these via phone or email ([email protected]).  Due to their size, CT scans, ultrasounds, fluoroscopy, and MRI require a weblink through a cloud based storage system to download, or a mailed disc.

How do I update my or my clinic's contact information?

Please use this link to update your information online: Update Contact Information.  Alternatively, you may call or email us at [email protected] with the desired updates.

I received an incomplete fax or think I am missing a referral letter. What do I do?

Please notify us via phone or email should this occur and we will resend ASAP.  We monitor successful and failed faxes on our end as well, so often times you may receive a resend without request.

I would like to purchase a product for use at my clinic – is this possible?

Depending on the circumstance, we can accommodate occasional product requests (usually emergent situations).  Please call us to inquire about a specific product/situation.  We cannot offer this in situations of backorders or short stock items.

Do you sell blood/plasma products for use by primary veterinarians?

Depending on our current stock, we may be able to accommodate requests for canine and feline blood or plasma products.  Please call to inquire.

I have concern or comments about my experience or my clients' experience at CVRC – who can I contact to discuss them?

We are always interested in your experience and your clients' experience, both positive and negative.  Dr. David Sachs, our Medical Director, is available via phone and email.

Do you offer discounts to veterinarians or veterinary support staff?

We offer discounts for veterinarians as well as support staff at our referring facilities.  Please inquire via phone or email for more specifics, and make sure to notify us when you come in that you are a veterinarian or veterinary support staff member.

Do you offer discounts to rescue organizations?

We offer discounts for 501c organizations, please inquire by phone or email for more specifics.

Where can I find a doctors' schedule?

It is difficult to publish the details of each doctors' schedule online.  Our specialists are available during the week and on call for emergencies evenings and weekends.  Our emergency service is staffed 24/7/365.  Please call, email or use web chat if you have a specific availability question.

I would like a tour of you facility, can you accommodate that?

Absolutely. Please call or email and we can set-up a tour for you and/or your staff members.

How can I schedule a lunch and learn?

Please contact us at [email protected], or call us.  Our Outreach Coordinator will be happy to assist in scheduling a lunch and learn at your practice.

What list of topics/speakers are available for lunch and learns at my practice?

Please contact us at [email protected], or call us.  Our Outreach Coordinator will be happy to assist in scheduling a lunch and learn at your practice and will be able to provide a current list of topics and speakers.  We can also usually accommodate a topic at your request.