Dear CVRC:

We are very pleased with the exceptional level of care that Wally received while at your facility. My husband and I could not be more elated with the love and attention that was given to him throughout his multiple stays. You have some of the kindest and most compassionate veterinarians that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. We could not be more appreciative of all the doctors and technicians that tended to Wally.  To give a few some shout outs:

Dr. Rissetto-you are truly one of the best veterinarians that we could have possibly asked for in caring for Wally. You were ALWAYS accessible via email and phone. You display a level of compassion that is unrivaled. We are so grateful that Dr. McCaskill referred Wally to you.

Dr. Au-your expertise as a surgeon does not go unnoticed, as Wally was quite the case. Thank you so very much for your attention to detail throughout Wally's surgery. We could not have done this without you!

Dr. Welch-your concern for Wally's critical care was sensational. Thank you so very much for paying attention to his pressures, as this was a major concern during his operation.

Dr. Sayer-we did not have the pleasure of meeting you; however, we know you were there for Wally's surgery in order to keep track of his ticker and rhythms. We are thankful!

Other Staff and Technicians-Suzanne, Wally is thankful for all the love and attention that you gave him and so are we!  We were informed that anytime you could not be found around the clinic by staff, they were sure to find you in Wally's cage loving on him. This means a lot to us! To anyone who helped with Wally that we may not have met in person, we are so very grateful! And to the staff members who brought their dogs in to donate blood to Wally after his surgery, THANK YOU!

There are no words that are kind enough to thank you all. We will never send our dogs anywhere else in the event of an emergency or that we may need a specialist.


Renee & Matthew