Dear Dr. Rissetto,

I want to start with a big warm thank-you..You are incredible..What a tremendous asset you are to your team and facility..

Thank-you so very much for your wonderful patience with me and helping me decide on surgery for Abbey..It saved her life and I am so grateful..

Sorry it has taken so long to write..I will recommend you and Charleston Veterinary Referral Center to everyone...I can not name all the wonderful people

I came across in my trips to your facility especially all of those at the front desk..Please thank everyone and those I know are Dr.Au,Dr.Torres,Rachael-assisted me with

Abbey the day you and I met and Jen-a Dr.’s assistant who I met on departure day and when the staples were removed 2 weeks later-great friendly woman...

Thank-you all very much but mainly Thank-You..!! You helped me go thru with the procedure and now I am so happy for how well Abbey is doing...Thank-you again..


Jeff & Abbey