Dr. Crook -

I did animal rescue for years, and have been to countless veterinary clinics. By this time, I know quality and results when I see it.

The Charleston Veterinary Referral Center is absolutely top notch. I took my best buddy, Mr. Pebbles, there for diagnosis of a neurological problem and he subsequently had spinal surgery. Of course, this is not an inexpensive exercise, nor did I expect it to be. However, this dog is very, very special to me and I wanted the best for him. And boy, did I get it. Absolutely superb veterinarians and staff. Dr. Crook, who was Pebbles' primary veterinarian, was just outstanding. The diagnostic procedure was thorough and definitive.

She and all the other staff were WONDERFUL in dealing with Pebbles and understanding his little idiosyncrasies and anxiety. He ultimately had surgery, which was stressful for both him and me. A great thing about this clinic is that you can call day or night, and someone is always willing to talk with you and give you a thorough update. Pebbles is home now and is slowly on the road to recovery. I've talked several times with Dr. Crook about his status, and she is just as responsive as when he was hospitalized.

I decided to give my little guy the best chance possible to recover from a debilitating condition, and I am 100 percent satisfied that I went to the right place.


Deborah & Mr. Pebbles