Dr. Maston -

I can't thank Dr. Laura Maston enough for her compassion and understanding in helping us decide on euthanizing our 11 year old pug.  Boudreaux has been with our family since he was 6 weeks old - my children were two and four years old when we got him, so he is part of our family.  He has been slowing down over the past few months, which I attributed to old age, but this weekend he seemed to just hit a wall.  He was extremely lethargic, and was unable to support his back end.  We waffled back and forth over whether to wait until our regular vet opened on Monday morning, or take him to an emergency vet.  The last emergency experience I had with a clinic on West Montague was awful, so I was reluctant to go again.  Luckily, my vet's office listed CVRC as an option.  So at midnight on a Sunday, we arrived at CVRC.

From the moment we met Dr. Maston, she was nothing but kind, caring and concerned for our pet.  She ran enough basic diagnostic tests to determine what the immediate future looked like for Boudreaux, and sadly, it was bleak--he had a fever, and blood work, combined with his other symptoms, indicated that he might have some kind of cancer.  Although we could have done more tests to verify exactly what the problem was, Dr. Maston assured us that the hard decision we made was the humane one.

I've had experiences with vets who want to prolong an animal's life simply to charge fees.  Never once did I feel like I was being taken advantage of, or that Boudreaux's care was secondary to the almighty dollar.  I am so very grateful that CVRC and Dr. Maston are here in our community.  Thank you for everything you did.


The Witherspoon Family